who am I

who am I

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things Girls Look for in a Guy

  1. Honesty - Be true about who you are. Whether you know or not, we can tell when you are putting on a show. Plus the way you act on the first date, we will expect you to act that way forever.
  2. Well Groomed - We don’t expect you to be a super model, but at least make sure your hair is brushed, as well as your teeth. We notice the smallest things, so make sure you cover it all.
  3. Sense Of Humor - When you talk to us, we expect you to know how to make us laugh, but don’t turn dorky on us. An occasional laugh every now and then is good for the first few dates. Don’t start cracking jokes left and right until maybe the fourth date.
  4. A Lot of Compassion - looking forward to a second date. The more compassion the better. You can never be too nice.
  5. Courage-able - Girls hate it when a guy doesn’t have the guts to ask her out herself, and when he gets his friend to do it for him, it’s a major turn off.
  6. Manner-able - Every girl wants a guy that knows his manners. I’m not talking, yes ma’am, no ma’am. A thank you, and a your welcome, is all we’re asking for.
  7. Intelligent -No not Albert Einstein, just let us know that you know what you’re talking about.
  8. Maturity - Girls want a guy that will pick around, but have a serious side too. We want a guy, not a 6 year old.
  9. Loyal - When we go out with a guy, we want to know that they are focused on us. We really do not want to see you turn around and talk to another girl. Whether its the first date, or the millionth, we get jealous…easily!
There are some things that are very important to a girl. These nine things are the most important that a guy should have, in order to win his girl over.

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